Simple Holiday Fitness Tips

The holidays are a great time of the year, great food, great friends, great family. Giving, receiving, fun….. time consuming and stress. Ok so the last two are a bi-product of a lot of other great things, but how do you keep your fitness goals on track during the holiday season?

Let’s keep this simple, if you already have schedule exercise: a personal trainer, boot camp, group classes, spin, or you just always workout at a certain time. Do EVERYTHING you can to keep the scheduled workouts. Excess stress and calories mean you need workout more than usual, but unfortunately exercise is the first thing to go in these situations.

Ok so the real reason you’re reading this is probably because you can’t make it to your gym. So here are some easy tricks.

Body weight exercises: pushups, squats, dips, abs, plyos

Resistance Bands: You can do almost everything with resistance bands and if you’re traveling they won’t take up any space!

Go for a walk before or after you eat, or really whenever you can.

Keep it simple if you must, but make sure you’re doing something. Remember the new year is days away.


40 Plus Personal Training
2000 Cal Young Rd Suite C
Eugene, Oregon


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