Improve Your Arms

Bingo wings, old lady arm, the wave. They’re all becoming popular terms at my facility these days. Everyone either wants to avoid getting them, or desperately wants to get rid of them. While there are many different muscle groups in your arms, we’re going to focus on the bingo wings triceps today.

Here is a “simple” routine you can do at home to avoid, or get rid of those dreaded bingo wings.

Pushups: Try from an incline ( like a wall or table) if you can’t do floor pushups.

French Press: Hold a dumbbell in 2 hands, above your head, and bend to a 90 degree angle, now push back up to the starting point.

Kickbacks: Lean forward and keep this position, lock your elbows on your sides, and “kick” the weight back.

Go straight through this routine 3 times without resting, and say goodbye to your wings.

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