Improve Your Legs

Your legs might be the most vital and yet under appreciated part of your body, at least when it comes to overall health and fitness. I fully understand that due to aging and various injuries, not everyone can hop under a barbell and max out on squats. But I also realize everyone can make improvements. Here is a simple beginner routine to get you started.

Squats: Start by simply standing up and sitting down into a chair ten times, if you can do that add weight.

Reverse Lunges: Start standing tall, step backwards, and bend your knee to touch the ground, step forward, switch legs and repeat.

Step Ups: Put one foot on a step, and step up with the other foot.

While these are basics, they will get you started.

If you would like help achieving your fitness goals, call 541-505-6779, to schedule your FREE WEEK OF PERSONAL TRAINING.

CALL 541-505-6779

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