Improve Your Core

Ask anybody, young or old, fit or not. They will all tell you,  they would like to improve their core, stomach, abs, six pack, one pack, beer belly; whatever you call it, I’m sure you want to improve it. Here are a few simple tips:

Fix Your Diet: You’ve probably heard, “abs are made in the kitchen”. Focus your diet towards, fruits, veggies, lean meats, and low fat dairy, and you’ll have success.TIP: Fruits instead of Chips & Cookies.

Drink Water: If you drink soda, juice, milk, coffee, or energy drinks regularly, you can cut out thousands of calories weekly, by simply switching to water. By cutting the calories, you’ll lose fat and improve your core!

Try these 3 ab exercises:

Planks: Get in a push up position, on your forearms, instead of hands. Keep your body straight, and hold this position for as long as you can.

Ab Wheel: This is a GREAT ab exercise, but is definitely of the challenging variety. In a kneeling position, roll the wheel forward, while keeping your arms straight, now come back to the starting position.

Leg Lifts: Lay on your back, with your hands under your lower back. Keeping your legs straight, lift your feet to the ceiling, and lower in the same manner. If this hurts your lower back, try bending your knees.

If you would like help achieving your fitness goals, call 541-505-6779 to schedule your FREE WEEK of PERSONAL TRAINING.

Call 541-505-6779

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