40 Plus Personal Training is a Private Personal Training Studio located in Eugene. We are designed specifically to help those 40 and over reclaim their health and fitness.

The Personal Training philosophy at 40 Plus Personal Training is to create a fun, encouraging, and productive atmosphere that inspires a lifestyle change and life long results.

We accomplish this by providing a Personal Training style that consistently changes exercise routines in order to challenge both your body and mind.

Personal Training sessions typically last 45 minutes and every last minute is utilized by limiting the level of rest by combining weight training with bursts of fast twitch cardio routines. Every training session uses a combination of many types of equipment including: free weights, your body, suspension training, stability training, boxing, battle ropes, kettle bells, resistance bands etc.

Simply put 40 Plus Personal Training keeps you moving, sweating, and improving. All while taking into consideration your limitations and abilities.

If you would like to try a FREE Week of Personal Training call or text 541-505-6779 or fill out the form below.

    Sign up below to get a free week of personal training and to get more information.

40 Plus Personal Training
2000 Cal Young Rd Suite C
Oakway Golf Course
Eugene, Oregon 97401

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